Is Highwire Hiring?

Been getting this question a lot. The answer is “Yes, we are hiring… but we have not announced any open positions and are not accepting applications right now.”

Highwire is a small studio. So far, we’ve been able to fill any openings on the team with friends and former colleagues. When we need to broaden our search, we will announce any job openings on Twitter. So your best bet is to follow us @highwire_games.

9 Comments on “Is Highwire Hiring?

  1. if you guys decide to expand your company on your new studio at highwire games, i am interesting in working for you guys if you guys have a position on film editing or sound design. thanks

  2. Im ready to take on any position available. Anything for composers, audio engineers, etc. Hope you hire soon!

  3. I call dibs on any IT positions! I’m currently at Microsoft doing IT support and engineering. Have always wanted to work at a game company

  4. I wouldn`t mind interning here. The idea of learning from a group of individuals who have so much experience in the gaming industry sounds like the greatest opportunity anyone could ask for. I wish the best for you guys and I believe you will definitely creat something groundbreaking

  5. Don’t know what you guys are up to, or if you have future plans, but I just thought I’d put myself out there and say I’d love to at the very least help out. I’m only 16 and in no way experienced in any of this, but I’ve got some story ideas that I’d love to run by the studio and see if you’re interested.

  6. If you are looking for extra composers I am very interested. Always looking for an opportunity to break into the industry! Im 26 and a graduate of The Boston Conservatory I can provide sample upon request.

  7. Well I’m not as skilled as any of the above, I guess. I am just a student about to go into college and loved hearing all your guys music and arrangements. I am probably gonna try to apply for an internship with you guys when you do decide to expand because I’m going into music their and music performance. I am so happy you guys are going to be doing this and I can’t wait to hear the next soundtrack that comes out. Congrats on everything guys!

  8. If ya ever need an intern that just fetches coffee I’m always available!