Jared Noftle

Technical Director

If you’re a huge Halo fan… you probably don’t know Jared Noftle. If you’re in the gaming press and looking for a story… maybe you don’t know Jared Noftle. But if you are a developer with more bugs than an anthill and an engineering team so underwater they need snorkels, then Jared Noftle is definitely on your contact list. As the front man for an international team of under-cover programmers, Jared has been air-dropped into every hooped project on the west coast; you may not know the man, but you have definitely seen his work.

However, if what you really need is someone who knows how to found, fund and run a game studio, someone with a particular set of entrepreneurial skills… well then you’d better have more than a name and a phone number, you’d better have some leverage. So when we pulled Jared from the smoking wreckage of burned down ryokan after a patch job that went bad, we knew we had our man.


Airtight, ThinAiR Technologies, CuddlrRed Lens, Highwire


Square EnixMicrosoftWarner BrosActivisionValveCamouflajIron GalaxySony, Motiga

“Cuddlr? What’s Cuddlr? I never even heard of Cuddlr… who wrote this? Jaime! Hey, who researched this profile? It’s all wrong!”

– @jarednoftle