Matthew Longest

Gameplay Programmer

Matt is an experienced gameplay programmer, specializing in player input and unusual peripherals. He was the engineer responsible for “one of the best PlayStation Move compatible titles” and helped drive early prototyping for the DualShock 4. He’s a virtual reality evangelist with an addiction to Kickstarter and a storage unit full of prototype hardware. Obviously, a valuable hire for a new studio with ambitious aspirations working on cutting edge platforms. But start to connect the dots, and it seems like he may actually be a Machiavellian puppet master with everyone helplessly dancing to his tune.

The Evidence

  • Before joining the studio, before there was a studio, Matt loaned us his first-edition DK1, which really got the whole thing rolling.
  • Matt was the first person to voluntarily leave a paying position to join the team. (Strike oneStrike twoStrike three.) Almost as if he knew how it would work out.
  • When it was time to choose a location for the studio, we coincidentally found a place mere blocks from his loft in downtown Seattle. And this space happened to have a full-size dance floor and room for his DJ equipment and ridiculous gear.
  • His full name is “Matthew Earl Longest” which is an anagram for “Let Not HW Games Alert”. Clearly this is a long-term plan.
  • After years in the industry, Matt has accumulated the perfect set of skills for our current project. Or… has our project been carefully tailored to his skillset?
  • Matt was the only member of Highwire Games that already owned a pair of red shoes before the PAX 2015 selfie contest.
  • He always gets to work on the coolest parts of the game!


inFAMOUS, inFAMOUS 2, inFAMOUS 2: Festival of BloodinFAMOUS: Second Son, inFAMOUS: First LightDeer Hunter II: Monster Buck 3-Pack

“I don’t know… have you tried putting a dampened spring on it?”

– Matt Longest