Vic DeLeon

halo3_grossWorld Art Director

Vic DeLeon is a puzzle, a paradox, an artist composed of impossible contradictions.

What do you say about a real, credentialed Master of Fine Arts that chooses to devote his career to building alien colonoscopy simulators?

How do you explain that the man is a published author, professional photographer and respected speaker, but is best known for #WeirdFishWednesday.

vic_deleon_caitlin_andersonWhat do you make of the fact that Vic made headlines when he left 343 Industries — where he was an Art Lead and directed an army of artists on one of gaming’s most successful franchises — to quietly join a tiny studio with no pedigree — where he is currently an environment team of one?

Vic is mysterious. Some might say crazy. Some might say he literally swims with sharks. Annually.

And how do you introduce someone to Highwire’s fan community when they already know him so well? Why spend time promoting someone who already has twenty times the number of Twitter followers as the studio? It’s kind of puzzling, actually… maybe we should just take a page out Vic’s #UnZen playbook and post black-and-white photos of creepy dolls.




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“Yeah, it’s a child’s doll, but those are real human teeth. Crazy, right? … What?! Come back!”

– Vic DeLeon, @vicdeleon