The Risks and Rewards of Golem, Out Now for PS VR!

There’s a reason why our studio is named “Highwire Games” and not “Beaten Path Interactive,” or “Incremental Entertainment.” We founded the studio in order to take the kind of risks that are not possible for huge teams with gigantic budgets. Risk #1 – An Open World VR Game The promise of virtual reality is that you will visit another world – but the current generation of tech is more suited to stationary gameplay and small environments. Streaming is difficult in VR and the technical investment was daunting, but as a result of… Read More

Golem emerges from the shadows this fall on PlayStation VR

Highly Anticipated PlayStation® exclusive Golem confirmed for release this Fall

Still Chiseling

Good News, Bad News

Extra! Extra! Read All About Us!

See what the press is saying about Golem…

Behind the Scenes

Pull back the curtain on Golem’s development

Highwire’s First Game Announced at PSX

Watch our PSX announcement trailer!

Studio Open House

With our office mostly finished, Highwire threw an Open House for all the family, friends and colleagues (and a few fans) that have supported us over the past year. Thanks everyone! We couldn’t do this without you!