We are looking for an Animator with industry-honed abilities in 3D animation and experience working in the entire animation production line, from conceptualization to delivery. Our ideal candidate has experience in gameplay and cinematic motion capture, as well as excellent hand-key abilities. They focus on the end-user perspective and craft immersive experiences for our players. They … Continue reading Animator

Animation Lead

We are looking for an Animation Lead with industry honed abilities in 3D animation who can work the entire animation production line from integration to delivery. Our ideal candidate has experience in motion capture animation as well as excellent hand-key abilities. This role requires leadership, proactive planning, and strong communication skills as they will collaborate … Continue reading Animation Lead

Cinematic Designer

We’re looking for a Cinematic Designer to implement story-driven in-engine cut scenes and dialog sequences as part of a historically based military shooter. You will provide the glue between documentary footage, cinematics, and mission gameplay, reinforcing emotional beats and ensuring mission objectives are clearly communicated to players. The ideal candidate should have a great understanding of storytelling … Continue reading Cinematic Designer

Graphics Programmer

We're looking for a Graphics Programmer to brainstorm new graphics and visual features with game designers and technical artists, and research how to implement and integrate them into the existing graphics engine. This includes implementing and supporting the C++ and HLSL shader code, and debugging and diagnosing problems with the system during development and future … Continue reading Graphics Programmer

Environment Artist

We're looking for an Environment Artist capable of using our powerful procedural architecture system to build convincing and authentic environments. Due to the technical nature of our world-building tools, discipline and organization are just as important as artistic skills. Responsibilities Leverage our procedural architecture system to build environments from components in creative ways, imagining an … Continue reading Environment Artist

Mission Designer

We're looking for a Mission Designer to design and implement missions as part of a historically-based story campaign, focusing on the player's emotional engagement and detailed authenticity. On our team, Mission Designers have a hybrid role, requiring both creative vision and technical proficiency to bring that vision to life. Responsibilities Work with the Campaign Director … Continue reading Mission Designer

Lead Engineer

We're looking for a Lead Engineer to organize, oversee and optimize the work of the Engineering Team throughout the development process. Our ideal candidate will have the curiosity to tackle cutting-edge technical challenges, the experience to apply tried-and-true solutions, and the discipline to determine the difference. Responsibilities Work with the Technical Director and other leads … Continue reading Lead Engineer